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Treatment of Panic Attacks

Drug Treatment

The least effective and most expensive treatment of panic and anxiety, as anyone who has used psychiatric treatment for panic will tell you, is drug treatment.

A whole gamut of anti-anxiety drugs are available worldwide, but at the end of the day, the only ones to benefit from these drugs are the drug companies and the doctors that presecribe the drugs.

This is because the drug treatment is a temporary one, that is, it lasts as long the drug is in your system, after that you are back to square one.

This is the reason that a scary number of people who use anti-anxiety drugs end up being addicted to them for life, with serious consequences.

The drug treatment also fails to address the issue of eliminating the anxiety attacks completely.

Cognitive-behavior therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is employed solely a or as a conjunct to other medical treatment. Exposure therapy is one of the most frequently used techniques in CBT.

The idea in exposure is to enable the person suffering panic attacks to handle avoiding situations associated with the attacks and also to deal with the per se physical sensations that occur in your body during panic attacks. One is taught to head-on face these situations by exposing them to it under supervision. CBT also includes learning relaxation techniques and making changes in cognitive functioning.

Alternative Treatments:

An effective approach to deal with panic attacks is alternative natural treatment. These treatments are primarily self-help treatments, which is vital because only you the sufferer can understand the suffering and only you can act to end the menace.

These treatments show you how to do this naturally, safely and effectively.

Thousands of people have found a soulution to their panic and anxiety attacks, be it general anxiety, specific anxiety or public speaking anxiety.

You only need to know which of these treatments actually helps you break free. This is where Panic Away stands very tall and way above the other alternative treatments.

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