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Causes of Panic And Anxiety Attacks

There is considerable debate as to what really begins episodes of panic attcks in a persons life. The general concurrence among medical professionals is that the cause is anxiety.

Further it is also concurred that a person’s biological makeup or genetic disposition, environment, life situations and temperament too contribute towards the development of a panic disorder that leads to the panic or anxiety attacks.

Sure, everyone has a level of anxiety and this is often necessary because it motivates you to greater accomplishments. However, the problem occurs when the anxiety becomes overwhleming and persistent.

How the cycle works is like this: your first panic attack usually occurs during a stressful or traumatic situation in your life. Thereafter, people suffering from panic disorder unduly start focusing on the physical symptoms of the attacks. They are very frightful of these physical reactions.

This, in turn leads to further panic attacks by way of producing the same panic response whenever a change, such as exercise or emotions, occurs.

Panic attacks are also a spiral. A panic attack may ensue due to internal factors including execessive stress, claustrophobic environments or situations that make a person apprenhensive and anxious.

With such apprehension and anxiety, the person in question tends to focus on the physical symptoms, which further cause more anxiety. Such a spiral eventually leads to a panic attacks.

Though some people may have felt unwell before their panic attacks started, most of the people who suffer this debilitating problem have no conscious clue as to what triggered it off. All that they remember is their first panic attacks.

One of the important aspects about panic attacks is that, most people do not have any precipitating factor that led to the attck. Sure, they will remember in great detail the cirumstances when the first attack occured, they are usually unable to pin-poin the trigerr.

Many patients, have recounted that that the situation that may have triggered the panic attack does not trouble them. What troubles them is the fear that such a situation would give rise to another panic attacks.

Generally panic attacks are associated with the interpretation that anxiety, which we all experience in varying degrees, is dangerous. Panic attacks are caused by extreme reactions to normal anxiety.

Here the genetic and temperamental factors inherrent in a person play a major role.

As a matter of self-examination, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

• Did you first episode occur under a stressful situation?

• Whatwas your mental state during the first attack? Were you depressed, angry, anxious or anything else?

• At the time what were your thoughts like? Did you find yourself in a negative and fearful state of mind?

• At the time of the first attack, were you alone? If not were you with someone? Was it a stranger, friend or family.

• Were you exhausted or did you feel energetic.

• Were you in a situation where you were coping with some loss?

• At the time, were you feeling agitated or were you serene?

• Were there other circumstances at the same time could possibly be connected to your panic ?

Knowing these will help you to make alterations that enormously reduce the triggers that cause your panic attacks.

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