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The Effects of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks effect different people differently, but broadly the effects are categorised into four groups:


One of the effects of recurrent panic attacks is that psychologically, you can feel very high strung and also become very distracted, reducing your ability to focus on anything.

The psychological effects of panic attacks are worst when they occur at your workplace or when you are travelling. The bottom line here is the fear of panic attacks. You then tend to leave the place to get rid of the unpleasant feeling.

Problems with panic attacks are known to have caused people to lose their jobs because of their erratic functioning triggered by the psychological effects of panic attacks.

Are the causes of panic attacks all in my head? is a question many people wonder to themselves.

It has also been dcumented that that the psychological effects of panic attacks become even more acute, or are triggered off by artificial light, like that from computer and TV screens.

the psychological effect also includes imagining that you are suffering from some physical malady.


During a panic attack, your heartbeat rate increases and consequently increases the flow of bllod to all parts of the body. This effect ensures that oxygen reaches all the parts of your body in ample amounts and it also ensures the jettisoning of various waste products from your body.

Often, this response of the body is noticed by the person suffering from panic attacks by the palpitations and hard breathing that ensues.ur mind at rest.


There is no denying that a panic attack also leads to various physical unplesantness, though entirely harmless.

These include, blurred vision and a decrease in salivation, which in turn leads to a dry mouth. The panic attacks also affect you digestive system, often manifest in the form of nausea, heaviness in the stomach and some sufferers also experience mild to moderate constipation.

In addition to these physical effects, muscles in your body also tend to tighten up, making one feel tense. At times this results is real physical pains and aches - psychosomatic - and also cause trembling.


For panic attack sufferes, the feeling of suffocation that one feels is bound to make the person scary. Such suffocating feeling is also simultaneously accompanied by a feeling of tightness in the chest. You also tend to feel that you will stop breathing.

The medical fact, however, is that a panic attack can never stop your breathing under any circumstances and there is no need to be scared of the enumerated respiratory effects of panic attacks.

Of course, increased breathing reduces the supply of bllod that goes to the brain. As a result you may have unpleasant feelings such as blurred vision, dizziness, a sense of confusion and you may even feel hot flushes in your body.

Although all these psychological effects may manifest in a person suffering from panic attacks, the person in question is not having a 'mental illness' so to speak. The real illness is the panic dis-order which can be cured.

One also needs to know that these effects of panic attacks are also similar to those that occur in other diseases, such as heart problems, thyroid related problems and also difficulties in respiration.

Hence, it is always advisable after your first panic attack to consult a physician to ensure that you don't have these problems.

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